Pure sine wave gel battery load shedding budget combo 1000 watt hybrid inverter 200ah gel battery

Pure sine wave gel battery load shedding budget combo 1000 watt hybrid inverter 200ah gel battery

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Overcome load shedding with this premium load-shedding Combo

This unit is perfect for Tv, DSTV, WIFI & Charging Phone

Simple to use Instructions:

-Built-in charger to charge your battery when there is Power

-Plug your devices in. That's it you've got the power!

How much battery backup power will I have when the power is off?

If you connect 100w which is usually a TV, Wifi, Lights, etc. This portable system will last 8-10 Hours.

Please note :

If it is a Gel/AGM VRLA deep cycle battery it is recommended that you do not discharge the battery to less than 50% of its capacity to ensure long capacity life.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Specifications:

Ecco inverter 1000w solar has a rated output of 1000w constant power. It has an Input rated power of (VAC ) 220/230 (+25%, – 35%)

Frequency (Hz) 60/50 ± 10%

Output voltage regulation voltage range (VAC) 220/230 ± 10% (automatic adjustment Auto-sensing)

Conversion Time Transfer time <9ms Waveform sine wave (sine)

Frequency Mains: mains with frequency inverter: 60/50 ± 0.5

Commercial power supply: shared frequency with the commercial inversion state: 60/50 ± 0.5

The Ecco NS-1000 1000w pure sinewave inverter has Overload Protection, Input over high / too low voltage protection and DC voltage protection, peak surge protection, overload protection: 100-120% 30 seconds;> 120%, 100 ms;> 150%, 50 ms; Output short circuit <150 microseconds. Input / output over high or low protecting; low battery protecting; surge and pike-currents protecting; overload protecting 100% -120% 30sec;> 120% 100ms;> 150%, 50ms output short circuit 150 MS dc voltage DC Voltage Battery 24VDC type TYPE sealed lead-acid batteries Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid Recharge current 8-13A charging current Dimensions Appearance Dimensions External Size (mm) D × W × H 37*24*14  frequency transformer, pure sine wave AC output, load capacity automatic high and low adjustment function (AVR), wide input voltage range, can adapt to any harsh power environment can automatically turn power situation in the city, more widely used advanced automatic constant current charging circuit, extending battery life has improved battery owe voltage, overload, over discharge, short circuit protecti

- Pure Sine Wave UPS/Inverter
- Power: 1000W
- Voltage: 12VDC
- Charging Current: 30A
- PV Input Voltage Range: 15V-44V
- Max PV Input Voltage (At the lowest temperature): 50V
- PV Array Maximum Power: 420W

What's in the box
1 x IN1000 ECCO 12V/30A Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
1 x User's Manual

2x Battery Cables

1 x 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter UPS Unit
1 x Battery Links
1 x User manual

Combo includes:

  • 1X 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery (Please note battery brand and size can change due to limited stock)
  • 1X Ecco 1000w Pure Sine wave Hybrid Inverter Solar Ready

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